Dr. Sheth's Basic Brightening Vitamin Glotion - 50ML

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We Recommend This For

  • Dull and damaged skin
  • All skin types, including sensitive skin

Why your skin will love this

Intense pollution, heat and UV rays take a heavy toll on Indian skin. This antioxidant powerhouse works to repair as well as promote generation of new collagen and skin cells A high dose of Vitamins A, E and C work together to provide Indian skin the repair it needs Grapefruit Extract supplements Vitamin C to address issues like micro-pigmentation and dullness

Instruction for use

  • Suitable for the face and body
  • For the face, apply after cleansing and toning. Take a coin sized amount and rub in an upward motion
  • For the body, after cleansing, take a handful and apply to the relevant body parts (hands or legs)
  • Derm Tip: This works great as a light lotion with assured results

Hero ingredients

Vitamin A, C E
(brightening, tightening, repair)

Grapefruit Extract

Almond oil

Full Ingredients List

Propylene Glycol (solubilizer, penetration enhancer)| Hydrogenated Castor Oil (emulsifier)| Non-ionic Emulsifying Wax (emulsifier)| Dimethicone (feel enhancer, scar therapy)| Steareth 21 (emulsifier)| Liquid Paraffin (hydrating)| Mulberry Extract (brightening)| Arlamol M182 (emulsifier)| Cetyl Alchohol (emulsifier)| Stearyl Alchohol (emulsifier)| Disodium EDTA (heavy metal remover)| Phenoxyethanol (preservative)| Triethanolamine (pH adjuster)| Sensitive skin safe perfume


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