Dr. Sheth's Date & Quinoa Eye Cream - 14GM

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We Recommend This For

  • Dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes
  • All skin types, including sensitive skin

Why your skin will love this

Unlike most eye creams, this product has been formulated by our dermatologists with superfoods (i.e. Date and Quinoa Seeds), Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Niacinamide These ingredients strengthen the thinner under eye skin, battle pigmentation and diffuse blood vessels for a brighter look Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter make sure the skin stays hydrated and nourished to battle the harsh effects of pollution

Instruction for use

  • Apply a thin layer under and around the eye and gently massage into your skin
  • Use as a part of your day or night-time skincare routine

Hero ingredients

Date Seed Extract
(brightening dark circles)

Quinoa Seed Extract
(brightening dark circles)

Narcissus Bulb Extract
(reducing fine lines)

Hyaluronic Acid

Full Ingredients List

Shea Butter Esters (calming)| Wheat and Oat Sugars (hydrating)| Glycerine (hydrating)| Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (emulsifier)| Citrus Unshui Peel Extract (brightening)| Niacinamide (brightening, anti-redness)| Cetyl Alcohol (thickener)| Dimethicone (skin feel/anti-scar)| Sodium Acrylates Copolymer (emulsifier)| Lecithin (hydrating)| Vitamin E (repairing)| Olive Oil Esters (hydrating)| Almond Oil (hydrating)| Phenoxyethanol (preservative)| Rosehip Seed Extract (anti-aging, brightening)| Liquorice Extract (brightening)| Stearyl Alcohol (emulsifier)| Wheat Germ Oil (hydrating)| EDTA (heavy metal remover)| BHT (antioxidant)| Sensitive skin safe perfume| Purified Water (hydrating)


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