Dr. Sheth's Haldi & Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask - 30GM

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We Recommend This For

  • Reviving skin that has been having hard days (or nights)
  • All skin types including sensitive skin

Why your skin will love this

Indian skin gets dull and pigmented because of stress and pollution. This sleeping mask hydrates, brightens and repairs: three benefits that our skin needs most Stress, pollution and late nights can cause damage to your skin. This mask provides an overnight boost of nourishment for your skin Haldi is known to fight dullness, acne and inflammation. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain the skin’s moisture and creates a plumping effect Added ingredients like Centella Asiatica (cica) extract stimulates new cell growth and pampering ingredients like Squalane, Ceramides, Marula and Evening Primrose Oil hydrate and help maintain skin health so you wake up to glowing skin

Instruction for use

  • Use as part of your daily night-time skincare routine
  • Apply a thin layer of the Haldi Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping Mask over your night cream
  • Leave it on overnight and wake up to glowing skin
  • Derm tip: This can also be used as a day cream under sunscre

Hero ingredients

Turmeric Oil

Hyaluronic Acid


Vitamin E

Full Ingredients List

Lavender Oil (calming)| Evening Primrose Oil (repairing)| Marula Oil (hydrating)| Olive Squalane (sebum balancing)| Cholesterol (skin barrier strengthening)| Wheat and Berry Sugars (hydrating)| Niacinamide (brightening)| Sodium Polyacrylate Starch (hydrating)| Centialla Asiatica Extract (calming)| Phenoxyethanol (preservative)| EDTA (heavy metal remover)| Glycerin (humectant)| Capryc/Caprylic Triglyceride (hydrating)| Deoxyphytantriyl Palmitamide MEA (fatty acid - barrier building)| Hydrogenated Lecithin (barrier strengthening)| Purified Water (hydrating)


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