The skincare rule book can often be confusing and sometimes we end up doing the very opposite of what our skin actually needs. We are spilling the beans on skincare mistakes you might be unknowingly making!

1. Not Cleaning your Phone

Our cellphones are petri dishes for build-up and bacteria, which means any time your phone comes in contact with  your skin, it may lead to clogged pores and eventual breakouts. The fix? Make sure to clean your phone twice a day with a wipe or just hop onto the earpiece bandwagon.

2. Taking Long, Hot Showers

Those steaming hot showers might feel great but aren’t doing your skin any favours. Hot water dehydrates skin which can be the culprit for the dry stretched feeling skin. As Indian skin already has a weak barrier and a higher level of water loss, we recommend limiting your shower to 10 mins or less and sticking to lukewarm water.

3. Thinking Squeaky Clean is Good

If your skin feels “squeaky clean” or tight after washing, chances are that it's  imbalanced and your cleanser has stripped it of its natural oils. This causes your skin to overproduce oil and upsets the pH balance. Use a gentle cleanser like our Basic Brightening Daily Cleanser which doesn’t overstrip the skin.

4. Layering your Products Wrong 

Wondering why your serum isn’t as effective as it should be? You might be layering your products wrong. Applying a richer, thicker moisturiser or oil first, prevents lighter serums from penetrating your skin. Work from lightweight(serums and toners) to heavyweight (creams, SPF) so that each product can properly penetrate the skin. Our Clinic at Home range comes with an easy layering guide which helps you get the most of your skincare.