Our resolutions for the new year can bring about an overwhelming amount of stress. We have great ambitions and choose to start them all in January itself. Sometimes this approach isn't always the best - the key to sustainable change is to break things up into baby steps. Smaller goals are easier to achieve and then expand upon. It's like eating bite by bite instead of a whole gulp. Here's a few baby steps you can start with. 

1. Skin Routines

The most basic step (and easiest) to habituate is to apply sunscreen right after a shower. Instead of planning for a huge, long, 7 step routine - start by adding one simple, yet super important step - wear sunscreen. A good tip is to keep it near your keys or wallet - so that as you leave the house you can apply your sunscreen. Indian skins wants nothing more than sunscreens!

2. Eating Clean 

This one is particularly hard, since it involves excluding things like alcohol and sugar (which our bodies are so used to) and including healthier alternatives like more vegetables and greens. A good way to get this started is to start by breaking up your day to structure six small meals. This keeps blood sugar in check, and manages our temptation by making sure you don't get unhealthy cravings. 

3. Exercising 

Just remember, no one runs a marathon overnight. Gradual slow steps are key to building a sustainable exercise regimen. If you're starting out fresh, a good way would be to start working out three days a week, twenty minutes a day. There's a number of websites that help you figure out how to get off the couch - use those to get started. 

Either way remember that Rome wasn't built in a day - it was built bit by bit and day by day - the same way you need to make sure that you allocate time for self care , everyday.