We all know that electronic devices are ruining our postures, wrecking our sleep schedules and spiking our anxiety but did you know they could be taking a toll on your skin as well?

A 2019 study conducted by Unilever  compared an eight-hour workday in front of the computer to 20 minutes in the mid-afternoon sun. But unlike the sun, the risk of photo-ageing from our devices doesn't end with daylight hours. 

What Is Blue Light?

HEV light (blue light) is mainly sourced from sunlight but is also emitted from electronic devices at a range from 380 nm to 500 nanometre. Blue light is said to penetrate your skin more deeply and cause more damage.

How does it harm my skin?

Blue light can reach into the deep layers of our skin—beyond the surface, beyond the epidermis and dermis, and straight into what’s called the “hypodermis” layer. 

All that late night TV watching? That can cause the vessels and delicate structures underneath the eye become more visible after repeat exposure to blue light from screens.

So what do I do?

Use a  broad protection sunscreen

Blue light is all around us, and it’s important to protect our skin from the damage it can cause. Fortunately, a high-quality SPF can shield your skin from it along with offering protection from UV rays. We recommend our Oat and Zinc Mineral Sunscreen that Protects against UV rays, pollution and blue light damage.


Use products with Butterfly Bush 


Butterfly bush is a very powerful natural antioxidant, meaning it protects against the free radical damage caused by blue light. Our Indoor Protection Mist both Hydrates skin and repairs damage from screen and visible light. Your perfect work from home buddy!


Stay away from the screen

Most smartphones have a night mode setting that disables blue light in favor of yellow light which is far easier both on the eyes and your skin. We recommend staying off your phone before you go to bed both to get a better night of rest and to get your skin glowing!