What’s the first part of your body that shows signs of ageing? You may have guessed the face, but if you want to dive a bit deeper, you need to look at the under-eye area.

This is the first part of your face that shows signs of ageing in the form of wrinkles, puffiness, fine lines when you smile and droopiness. Another common sign you want to look out for is stubborn dark circles that show up even if you’ve had a great night of sleep and proper nutrition.

The under-eye area is the most sensitive part of your face and has skin that’s thinner as well. It also doesn’t have as many oil glands, which makes it prone to dryness. All of these factors contribute to the speedy signs of ageing, which can start showing up as early as in your 20’s!

Don’t worry, follow these 5 tips to take care of your under-eyes and you’ll be on the right track.

Set A Routine:

The best form of skincare is preventative. Set a skincare routine where you cleanse, treat, moisturize and apply sunscreen. Follow the routine consistently for best results.

If you’re noticing even tiny fine lines or wrinkles under your eyes, invest in an eye cream ASAP! This also applies to you if you’re older than 25. Only using your moisturizer won’t be enough, in order to repair your skin, you need to pick a product specially formulated for the needs of this sensitive area.

How To Apply Under Eye Cream:

Ensure you don’t tug, pull or rub your eyes, even if you’re super tempted to. We often do this without thinking and end up damaging the blood vessels under our eyes in the process. Oops! When applying product to your under-eye, remember to be extra gentle. Take a pea size amount for both eyes and dot the product below the eye. Use your ring finger to spread it, as this finger exerts the least amount of pressure.

Ingredients To Look For If You Have Fine Lines:

If you’ve started noticing fine lines, invest in a moisturizing eye cream. Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, which will plump the area as it pulls hydration into the skin. Ceramides are another great ingredient that will help prevent dehydration and fine lines. You can also use a product that includes antiaging superstar Retinol, which stimulates collagen production. Collagen is important as it is responsible for keeping your skin looking plump and youthful and the production of collagen decreases as we grow older.

Ingredients To Look For If You Have Dark Circles & Puffiness:

If dark circles and puffy eyes make you look forever tired, reach out for some caffeine – not in the form of a cup of coffee, but in an eye cream, like our Chamomile & Caffeine Eye Cream. Indian skin is richer in melanin, which is responsible for skin pigment, this is what causes dark circles to look more evident on Indian skin. The Caffeine in this formula de-puffs as it boosts blood circulation, it’s also a powerful antioxidant that fights the effects of UV damage. Also formulated with Bakuchiol, which smoothes lines while brightening your peepers and Chamomile, which soothes the under-eye area.

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