We all know that the gut microbiome is made up of thousands of bacteria which keep you healthy but did you know that your skin has a microbiome too? 

Just like probiotic food works to restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut, probiotic skin care restores the natural balance of bacteria on your skin and keeps the skin looking and feeling healthy.

What is the Microbiome?

A layer of natural bacteria that lives on our skin and helps promote its healthy functioning is called the microbiome

Over-cleansing, over-exfoliation and environmental damage may disturb the balance of your microbiome and cause premature aging and inflammations like eczema, rosacea and acne.

Enter: Microbiome Skincare. 

Probiotic or microbiome skincare cultivates and allows friendly bacteria to thrive, helping you maintain a radiant, healthy complexion.

Prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics?

Confused? We’ll break it down for you!

Prebiotics: These are supplements or foods (mostly fiber) that humans can’t digest. The good bacteria in your gut eat this fiber to thrive.

Probiotic: These are live bacteria found in certain foods or supplements or skincare which balance your microbiome

Postbiotic: These are substances produced as probiotics feed on prebiotic food. They are essentially the “waste” of probiotics, however they offer many health benefits.

How do I integrate probiotics in my skincare routine?

Look no further than ingredients like Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol and Xylitol which are probiotics which balance the skin microbiome.

We recommend our Aloe and Panthenol Hydrating Gel and Cica and Ceramide Overnight Repair Serum which comes with these helpful biome balancing bacterias.