Why You Need to Bolster Your Skin Barrier

You may not realise it, but your skin is constantly hard at work protecting you from external irritants. In essence, the top layer of the skin, or your barrier’s, job is pretty simple- keep the good stuff in—and the bad stuff out.

When your skin barrier is functioning as it should, it contains the right amount of lipids aka Natural Moisturising Factors or NMF. The result? Your skin is healthy and as bright as day. 

On the flip side if permanently dry, dull and scaly describes your skin better, your barrier may be compromised. 

This in turn means that your skin is more porous. Pollutants, microbes and even actives can penetrate your skin more easily and that may show up as stinging, sensitive or reddened skin. Plus, your skin may also have trouble staying moisturised since more water may evaporate out from it.

So why do I have a weakened skin barrier?

As you age, the skin barrier will inevitably start to weaken. Environmental irritants like pollution and UV exposure are also a prime cause for a weakened barrier in Indian skin. So while changing the weather or stopping time is impossible, here are a few things you can do… 

  1. Niacinamide-Now

Bolstering your skin barrier with the goddess of Niacinamide can be the answer to reducing skin sensitivity long term. It improves lipid barrier function and can eventually fortify your skin enough for it to easily tolerate retinol or acid based products

  1. Ceramides Certainly

Ceramides are the building blocks of your skin barrier and directly fortify its functioning. Unfortunately, just like gentle hangovers and late bedtimes of your early 20s your skin's ceramides begin to disappear in your 30s. Luckily you can get some external help from ceramide rich products like our Cica and Ceramide Overnight Repair Serum. With a perfect consistency – it’s not too heavy, and not too light, it works for most skin types, even those that are quite sensitive.

     3. Mind your Microbiome

Your skin’s microbiome contains millions of natural bacteria and fungi which maintains your skin’s immunity and prevents infections and inflammation. 

Harsh antibacterial soaps may disturb the composition of your skin’s microbiome and spell trouble for your skin barrier. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser twice a day. Adding good bacteria to your skin with pre/pro/postbiotic skincare may also boost your barrier.